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Dentures and Same-Day Dentures

Having missing teeth is incredibly common, especially as you get older. Fortunately, there are solutions to restore the look and function of your smile. Del Rio Dental Studio can provide you with custom dentures in Hayward, CA, to improve your quality of life.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Dentures are a viable treatment option in many cases. Full and partial dentures can serve as a solution whether you’re missing all or just some of your teeth. Dentures are easy to care for, and getting dentures is a straightforward process that can improve your eating and speaking ability.

Custom Dentures Can Provide a Full Smile

If you are missing all of your teeth, ask us about custom full dentures to help you live your life more fully. We carry out a careful planning and fitting process to deliver the best results in terms of both function and comfort.

Your full dentures will help you eat and speak more naturally, a significant improvement from living with missing teeth. While they may take some adjustment, you’ll soon find yourself comfortable with your dentures and confident in the fullness of your smile.

Snap-In Dentures

Snap-in dentures are another popular treatment option. These dentures rely on dental implants for support, enhancing their strength and durability. They also provide improved long-term oral health benefits. Dental implants may not be right for everyone, and you can find out more through a consultation with Dr. Del Rio.

Partial Dentures to Restore Your Smile

A partial denture may be the best treatment if you have several teeth missing in a row. These oral appliances are similar to dental bridges; however, they are removable.

The partial denture is a row of several artificial teeth that rely on surrounding natural teeth to stay in place. Clasps allow the partial denture to be placed and removed as needed while looking natural and staying secure during use.

Same-Day Dentures in Hayward

You may need additional procedures when getting dentures, such as extracting one or more damaged teeth. At Del Rio Dental Studio, we offer same-day dentures that minimize the number of visits required and let you walk out with a bright smile.

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Hi, my name's Jason and I’ve always had an GREAT experience with Doctor Del Rio! Her and the entire staff are amazing and I’ve been with this dentist for a while now and I do plan on sticking around!
Friendly staff, prompt service! Coming to appointments is always a pleasant experience. Financials are discussed up front and any questions are readily answered. They are also understanding and patient when it comes to dental anxiety. I highly recommend Dr. Del Rio, my husband and son are also patients of hers.
The staff & service at Del Rio Dental Studio is the best! Bernally is so sweet as soon as you walk in, Sara gave me a great cleaning, she was super gentle. Then Dallas & Dr. Del Rio set me up for the in office whitening which was great & comfortable & totally worth it! Definitely recommend!
The staff are so polite, they remember your name right off the bat & are so cordial!♥️ Most of the time going to the dentist makes me so nervous but I’m starting not to feel that way anymore thanks to Del Rio Dental. Cannot recommend them enough! Seriously, just have them as your dentist already
Grace W.
Del Rio Dental Studio is always professional and provides outstanding service. I sit in the chair for my dental appointment, put my headphones in and literally have fallen asleep, so gentle and caring.
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